Pitch to us

You don’t need a referral or warm intro to pitch to us.

Get in touch with us directly by email: startups[at]augend.ventures.

Investment FAQs

What sectors do you invest in?
  1. ‘Future of work, community and learning’ is our typical domain focus. We take a broad reading of that.
  1. Mission-driven ventures delivering social impact are also interesting to us, regardless of sector.
If you’re not sure, we’d encourage you to get in touch - even if it’s not for us, we might be able to refer you on to people we know.
What geographies do you invest in?
We mostly see Europe and US startups, but we’re pretty agnostic.
What stage do you invest at?
Typically, pre-seed or seed.
How much do you invest?
We invest our time, effort and energy alongside the money that we put in.
We, as and , often co-invest with each other - but not exclusively.
Each of us has £1k-£5k as a typical ticket size (and therefore £2k-£10k combined).